Southwest Oregon Regional Airport is a commercial service airport located in North Bend, Oregon, in Coos County, and is the only commercial service airport on the Southwest Oregon Coast. The airport is located at the north end of the peninsula that holds the city of Coos Bay and North Bend, and is surrounded on three sides by Coos Bay and its various inlets. The airport has cargo service, is the home of a United States Coast Guard base, and also has commercial service. Currently, that service is a daily flight to San Francisco International Airport, and seasonal flights to Denver International Airport. Of Oregon's six commercial service airports, Southwest Oregon Regional Airport is by far the smallest, averaging around 12-14,000 passengers a year before the pandemic.

Despite its small size, the airport is an important connection to an area that is somewhat hard to access. It is less time to fly from this airport to San Francisco than it is to drive to Eugene, Oregon, the closest larger city to Coos Bay/North Bend. Significantly, this airport is also currently the furthest north commercial airport on the Pacific Coast before either Victoria, Canada or somewhere in Alaska, depending on definitions.

The exact economics of how this airport does business aren't clear to me. It is not listed as an Essential Air Service airport, but there are other ways that an airport can be subsidized. While I can understand the importance of having a connection, especially since I lived in this region and experienced how isolated it could be, I also wonder how infrastructure like this will persist as the pandemic continues to harm tourism and travel.

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