A while back at my house in Massachusetts, we picked up a new phone with speed dial. Twenty items that we could quickly dial with the memory, and two of the numbers (it doesnt do up to ninety-nine, i guess). This was a great phone. It beat all of the others in clarity, ease of use, etc. What a marvelous invention.

And then it hit. The death of memory. We could no longer remember phone numbers. The theory is, is that the current phone number system is so sucessful is that the human brain can memorize seven things at one, or in this case, an item with seven different components. The brain, like any other thing in the body, can atrophy (as it has with many people, but that's the topic of another node).

So what became a good idea, eventually crippled us into a family consisting of people who remembered their aunt's number simply as memory-0-6. It was terrible. We joked about not being able to call home in an emergency. I to this day, have trouble remembering my grandmother's number from the experience. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't use speed dial for anything ever again. That is of course, until i got a cell phone....

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