Nothing is good enough for my Everything, I sighed.

I do write. Often. Some of that writing is decent enough to submit to my school's literary magazine with my name attached. I've certainly had at least 5 pieces in the publication. But.

Everything2 is perfection. I spent 4 years reading before I gathered the courage to create an account. My sole New Year's resolution this year was to join Everything2; I joined the evening of January 1st. It took me about 5 months to post anything, but it was a good first step. The newfound chatterbox confirmed my suspicions: each and every user above level 1 was a cyborg. How else, I reasoned, could each and every thing written be so perfect? Even nodes that gave glimpse into broken lives were flawless and beautiful; those shards of life littering the ground managed to reflect joy and paint rainbows onto the surrounding walls. I still cannot fathom how this many intelligent, articulate people could all discover one underrepresented website and spend hours upon hours of time creating and sharing their work with each other. Hence my theory.

I spoke to a trusted friend on this matter, multiple times. She told me that perhaps something I submitted could be perfect to someone else, even if it wasn't to me. I thought this over for a bit. Gathered the courage to submit my first poem written solely for Everything. It was nuked. So be it, I thought. I knew my writing could not be perfect. But I tried a couple more times, creating something that was met with mostly positive reaction. I received a few messages. Critiques, encouragement... Those were all perfect, too. How is this possible?!

I continue to read with vigor, and submit carefully. They are all cyborgs. I hope this is contagious. Spread your disease?

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