SphereXP is a Windows XP application that converts your desktop into 3D. What does this mean? It means that your background now exists not only in front of you, but behind you. It exists above you, and below you. It is a virtual sphere of existence, which rotates about you in the center. While this detracts from the overal efficiency of the environment, it is extremely cool, and a lot of fun to use.

SphereXP is the creation and child of Dusan Hamar. This vision is most likely the future of interaction with computers; and it is being done as a dream, instead of as a marketing ploy. This gives the program quite a bit of credibility, despite it being only in a Beta.

What is SphereXP, though? You exist in the center. Everywhere you look, you look outwards from this point. You can place windows anwhere between you, and the 'wall' of the sphere you exist in. You can put them above you, below you, at angles, further in, further away- you can place them anywheres you can think. You can group related windows and place them in a single area, and move to another, and place other similars there. Ctrl+W sends the window from your 'desktop' into the sphere, to wait on, until you double click it; bringing it back into focus. The massive amount of desktop space that existing in the sphere gives you has a tendency to make the user overwork their machine by opening to many applications at once. Still, with a mediocre computer, I have achieved Running about 8-10 programs without much lag.

The experience of the program is well worth it, though it decreases user efficiency. Just do a Google search for SphereXP.

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