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1988 album by the (now defunct) British band Talk Talk.
A work which, while largely undiscovered by the record-buying public, is dearly cherished by those who own it.

It's Sunday morning, and I'm sitting here listening to Spirit of Eden, and even though I've heard it at least two hundred times before, it's actually made a tear roll down my cheek.

A true album of genius - very difficult to listen to at first, but contains beauty and pain, sweetness and sorrow, searing harmonica, scathing guitar, soothing piano. It's only 41 minutes long, with a mere six tracks, but they are all essentially perfect. The second track, Eden, an eight-minute long masterpiece - it starts off almost silent, feeling like the air before a storm, slowly building pace until it hits a cacophony of thunderous guitar, before falling away into blissful combination of voice and piano.

I don't normally write stuff like this about albums, really. I know everyone has their personal taste, but this one is just wierd genius.

Probably my very favourite piece of music of all time.

To coin a phrase;
If they'd been invented, it's the album Jesus would've had on his walkman.

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