Most likely much more. We have never been deeply close yet I feel I can share anything with you. There is an ease to you, an effortlessness. We grok. This is not earth shattering, it just is. And there is nothing gargantuan, nothing of mythic proportions to share. I just wanted to share.

Now is that time when the sunsets come home to roost, the borders of the day contract from 9:30 to 4:30 and we are now always on the edge of the day, on the edge of the night. In this sense the world overhangs us, somewhat brooding, and cold. We are in the after-Autumn, what I call Stick Season. No snow yet. This all goes to set the scene, such as it is. And I am here, in the middle of the endarkened world, moving along. The chaos of the world swirls around, but at a distance, much better than before when it was up-front in-your-face time-to-panic. The world is not going to end. It's obvious now, it wasn't so before.

But I'm here, as I said, in the middle, it is dark most of the time, and while this affects things, it is not the reason for them. This is me changing, this is crazysexycool, this is me getting a new body. Not so much physically, but energetically, emotionally. There are several significant events here. Daily yoga and chi working has been amazing for me, the releases are colossal, and only just beginning. The second: a divorce, on the eve of my tenth anneversary. Not complete yet, but coming, I will make sure this time, lest I end up a father by legal definition. And the third and most important, a woman. It has been years since I've met a woman I was *really* attracted to, where I thought "Oh goddess, there she is, when can we get married." Yet here I am in the company of one of the most beautiful talented women I've ever met. She started yoga classes, and then my schedule slowly morphed to match hers, imagine that. What an excellent hugger she is, and so smitten am I. I suppose I could gush on in trite adolescent drooling but I'll spare you. You get the idea, of course you do. I do not care to pretend that these are not connected, that they do not depend on one another, feed off of one another. It is all good, and for that I am thankful.

If this were any other year in my life, I would make an effort to fit myself into this letter, to be spirited away by hermes-like couriers who would bring me to you, at the antipodes, where, as you well know, winter has ended already. I would be full of trepidation at the coming season. But as you may see, in these words, the glimmer of the light radiating from me. For there are too many wonderful things at work transforming this time into a playground for my soul.

I can only hope that your life is so good, and I wish you Pants Full of Care Bears © if it isn't. Perhaps that will help. I will leave you with my new motto:

It is all so right

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