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A combo-attack in Squaresoft's Chrono Trigger. Involves Marle and Lucca, who use ice and fire magic, respectively. There is Antipode, Antipode 2, and Antipode 3. They cost 4 pts per character, 8, and then 8 and 20 respectively. The attack basically freezes the enemy and then uses a fire attack on him/her.

On a sphere or any other star convex body (such as the Earth we live on):
precisely opposite points.

Thus Australia and New Zealand (and other parts of the [southern hemisphere) are sometimes referred to as "the Antipodes".

An"ti*pode (#), n.

One of the antipodes; anything exactly opposite.

In tale or history your beggar is ever the just antipode to your king. Lamb.

⇒ The singular, antipode, is exceptional in formation, but has been used by good writers. Its regular English plural would be, the last syllable rhyming with abodes, and this pronunciation is sometimes heard. The plural form (originally a Latin word without a singular) is in common use, and is pronounced, after the English method of Latin.


© Webster 1913.

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