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The following is a list of the enlightened personalities (ecclesiastics, educators and enlighteners) who made Bulgaria a land of the spirit. They are an illustrative chronicle of the most dramatic moments in the nation's intellectual history.

  • Saints Cyril and Methodius - The one was spirit, the other was action
  • Saint Clement of Ohrid - The father of Cyrillic letters
  • Chernorizets Hrabr - Oration of the letters: reaching out to the future
  • Saint Ivan of Rila - Another elect of God
  • The Priest Bogomil - The sources of doubt
  • Presbyter Kozma - The royal way for the soul
  • Patriarch Authimius - Sent to stand up for his people
  • Paissiy of Chiliandari - We, too, are loved by God
  • Sophroniy of Vratsa - The awakening of the personality
  • Neophit Bozveli and Ilarion of Makariopol - The revival of the popular will
  • The Miladinov Brothers - ...And liturgy in the mother tongue
  • Vassil Aprilov - A rational idealist
  • Dr. Petar Beron - The wings of new patriotism
  • Ivan Bogorov - Racing against time
  • Georgi Rakovski - His pride defied the slave mentality
  • Petko Slaveykov - The voice of six million
  • Lyuban Karavelov - Our freedom lies within ourselves
  • Vassil Levski - The three pillars of the nation
  • Hristo Botev - Truth is sacred
  • Ivan Vazov - The end of the yoke
  • Gotse Delchev - The last of the apostles
  • Zachari Stoyanov - The vision of a Bulgaria that never came to be
  • Aleko Konstantinov - Universal moral values
  • Pencho Slaveykov - The knight of the moral ideal
  • Exarch Iosef I - Diplomacy under the sign of the cross
  • Stoyan Mihailovski and Anton Strashimirov - Trial of wrath and unforgiving love
  • Dimitar Blagoev - The solitary prophet
  • Geo Milev - The sublime criteria of spirit
  • Assen Zlatarov - Cultivating the hearts
  • Petar Dunov - Teaching "humanity"

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