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Two glasses of diet lemon-lime soda sat between Colin and Janet. It was a particularly nice day in Chicago, in a restaurant within walking distance of Azure Planet Software, Janet's workplace.

"Sprite Zero? Really?" Janet said.
"Try it. You'll probably like it." Colin said.

Janet took a sip, tasting the drink slightly. After a hum of approval, she proceeded to drink more.

"See?" Colin said.
"I knew I would like it. It's just something I wouldn't have ordered before." Janet said.

Colin tapped his glass with the four fingers on his right hand.

"I saw the cases of Sprite in your pantry, Tron. Pick up a case of this next time you're at the store." Colin said.

Janet sipped her drink. Colin followed suit.

"How's work, anyway?" Colin asked.
"Oh, you know. I sit at a computer for six hours." Janet said.
"Y'know, one of our brand reps loves your software. He plays one of the games a lot. Something with cookies on it..."
"Cookie Chaos? Yeah, that's based on an old video game that Nintendo made back in the day."

Colin checked his watch. 5:45 PM.

"Never was a video game fan. I had a Nintendo. Never got past the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda..." Colin said.
"I can tell you aren't a gamer." Janet said.
"How so?" Colin asked.
"Because you just called the Nintendo Entertainment System a "Nintendo." Janet said.
"Forgive me for not knowing the terminology, Tron."
"It's alright. Easy mistake to make."

A restaurant server came by with a plate of nachos and set it between Colin and Janet.

"Ooh!" Janet said.
"Yeah, that looks alright." Colin said.

Colin and Janet took turns devouring the plate of probably-microwaved goodness that sat in front of them.

"When are you headed back to California?" Janet asked.
"Monday morning." Colin said.
"You're here until Monday morning, I have off work the whole weekend. We've got a weekend to ourselves, I guess." Janet said.

A server came by with a check. Janet reached for her wallet but Colin managed to get his out first. He handed a $20 bill to the server.

"Keep the change, as well." Colin said.

The server thanked them and went away.

"You're off work now, right?" Colin asked.
"Yep." Janet said.
"Now what?" Colin asked.

Janet got out of her seat, Colin followed suit. Janet proceeded to put her hands on Colin's shoulders and winked at him.

"Now we go back to my place."

Janet began walking towards the exit doors.

"And I go grab my NES out of the closet and I show you how to get past Zelda's second dungeon." Janet said.

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