The ground breaking TV series on Channel 4 in Britain.
The brainchild of Aden Ikram and Kate Bernstein who dedicated a year of their lives hoping to uncover illicit voyeurists in New York city.
The show takes you into the lives of every day people, using pretty much every day technology to do some pretty weird things.

The show is based on all their footage and interviews that they have compiled into TV format.
Each week, the show concentrates on a different subject.
The last show I saw was about people publishing their every day diaries online. People were putting their entire lives on websites, free for public perusal by anyone. Intimate details, names, eveything. These websites are getting hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of page impessions per day.

Another show was a guy walking around new york with a video camera in a bag that he would hold down by his knees and walk around the city, into department stores or whatever, filming up womens skirts.

My favourite show of all though, was the guy who takes a video camera with a night vision accessory into night clubs around new york and films people doing whatever people do in nightclubs. It is pretty amazing to see how people behave when they think they are under the cover of darkness.
The guy also had a pervy kind of twist aswell. He had this filter he could put onto the end of his video camera that could kind of see through light material, like sun dresses and skirts.

One of the most interesting things about the show, apart from the insight into modern voyeurism and exhibitionism, is that the voyeurs and the showpeople are not perverted old men and raving lunatics.
They are young, hip, smart people just doing what they like to do.

It is a fantastic show that anyone curious about modern society should watch.

SPY TV is a television show on NBC that shows video clips of real people reacting to outragious situations. The viewer, of course, knows about the prank from the beginning of the video clip. The difference between this show and shows like Survivor and Boot Camp is that the show puts real people in these situations, instead of contestants or actors and the show is not based on a game. These differences put SPY TV in a diffferent genre than the other reality television shows.

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