A reality TV show on NBC that features three men and three women who have consented to do three really disgusting and/or dangerous things for a chance to win $50,000. The contestants are encouraged to taunt each other to psych out all opponents. Joe Rogan serves as host and MC for all the stunts.

The game mechanics are simple: if you fail to complete a task, or refuse to perform a task, you are disqualified. After the first two episodes, there has been no point where there were fewer than two contestants remaining before the start of round three. I wonder what the rules have to say about that. The last man or woman standing is entitled to $50,000 -- a relatively small purse for a reality show, but still not bad for three days' work. The first stunts have included being dragged by horses through the mud, lying in a small closed space with rats or worms for a few minutes, jumping from one semi truck to another at a speed of 40 mph, and pawing one's way around the outside of a wet car dangling several stories above a lake. (Safety gear is always worn, natch.)

I don't watch MTV much, but this seems an awful lot like they stole the idea from one of those Road Rules Celebrity Real World Deathmatch Live specials that MTV shows every week, right down to the attractive twentysomething contestants. Ah well, it makes for decent summer TV.

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