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A group of super-heroes published by Marvel Comics.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Squadron Supreme is a definite tip of the hat to Marvel Comics' rival, DC Comics. The Squadron Supreme started out on an alternate Earth which closely matches the reality depicted in DC Comicsan the Squadron Supreme is a thinly veiled reworking of DC's the Justice League of America.

The Squadron was formed following World War II by the U.S. government and had close ties to the government ever since. The group originally met in the home of Squadron member Nighthawk, who was millionaire Kyle Richmond. When Richmond left the team to enter politics, the Squadron moved their base of operation to an orbiting space station called Rocket City. The station was brought down during the time when the Squadron was under the influence of the alien Overmind and the team settled in a cave headquarters for a time.

The Squadron came into conflict on a number of occasions with the mainstream Marvel super-hero team the Avengers. These encounters were usually the result of a misunderstanding or the schemes of hugely powerful entities like the Gamesmaster.

Eventually, Kyle Richmond, the former Nighthawk, became president of the Squadron's earth and during his term, this earth was enslaved by the alien Overmind. The Squadron eventually broke free of the Overmind's control and fought back, causing this Earth to be left in ruin.

The Squadron Supreme decided after the dust settled that because they were at least in part responsible for the problems their world faced, that they should use their powers to help bring the world back. The Squadron therefore began to set about bringing their world back under their Utopia Program. The Squadron began to implement plans to end crime, poverty, pollution, and even disease and death. Members of the team left in protest to some of the policies being enforced, believing them to immoral and unjust.

One such member was former leader Nighthawk. So outraged was he by the actions of his former teammates, that he began to gather former villains to act as a team to fight back against what he believed to be evil actions. The two groups eventually clashed, with many begin killed or injured during the fray, including Nighthawk himself. The Squadron dismantled the Utopia Program after this conflict seeing the overall harm that it was causing.

The members of the Squadron Supreme are:
- Hyperion
- Nighthawk
- Princess Power
- Amphibian
- Doctor Spectrum
- Whizzer
- Golden Archer
- Tom Thumb
- Blue Eagle
- Lady Lark
- Arcanna
- Nuke

Some of the villains that joined Nighthawk in fighting the Squadron joined the Squadron for a time. They include:
- Ape X
- Dr. Decibel
- Foxfire
- Haywire
- Inertia
- Lamprey
- Moonglow
- Quagmire
- Redstone
- Shape
- Thermite

Comics writer Mark Gruenwald was the writer of the Squadron Supreme mini-series published by Marvel Comics. When Gruenwald died, his ashes were mixed with the ink for a reprint of the series in a trade paperback. And they say people who work in comics are weird...

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