A chain of office supply stores. Generally, they have a pretty good selection of most of the things you would expect: pens, paper, furniture. Of the major chains of this sort, Staples is my favorite, though I cannot explain why.

Staples was founded in May of 1986 with the goal of offering everyone low prices on office supplies, similar to those offered larger companies (who can buy in bulk). The first store was opened in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, they have nearly 1,400 stores worldwide.

Staples has a price match policy--if you find the product you bought cheaper within 14 days, they give you 110% the difference.

Generally, I find Staples to be an easy place to deal with for a lot of the home office items I get: tape, some computer equipment, etc.

Source: Staples' web site http://www.staples.com

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