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My favorite commercial of all time has to be the Staples commercial that they show every August. It shows a father in Staples picking up school supplies for his less than enthusiastic son and daughter.

In the background, you hear the classic Christmas song "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" by Andy Williams. There after a second, a voiceover starts (I'm doing this from memory; I can't find it anywhere):

They're going back!
It's back to school time at Staples!
With hundreds of supplies, you can get everything on your list.
Then they show the Staples logo and the announcer says the slogan: "Yeah, we got that".

The grin on the father's face is ear to ear, and his children are trudging down the isles. It's absolutely priceless.

I guess it's the power of commercialism in this country that instead of thinking of the holiday the song is about, I instead think of Staples. Or maybe it's just because I'm Jewish.

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