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In Star Trek, the set of rules and regulations governing the operation of Starfleet. The most famous is General Order 1, also known as the Prime Directive of Noninterference. All the directives are considered equally important, with the sole exception of the Prime Directive (which always supercedes any directive or order given).

Recommended by the Secretary of Starfleet and established through executive order by the Federation Council, these general orders pertain to all Starfleet personnel. They specify the extent to which the Federation Council and Assembly maintain control over their military counterparts. Conversely, they also represent to what extent Starfleet Command is capable of influencing Federation policy.

There are currently 25 General Orders (32 including those for The Next Generation timeline) for the proper conduct of Starfleet operations. The first six are the original orders that were established upon the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

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