Drill command used to align ("dress") a group of soldiers standing unevenly in a line formation in which the element leaders are on the right.

At the command, everyone (except the soldier at the left end of each line) extends his left arm straight out from the shoulder and parallel to the ground, fingers flat and extended with the thumb along the forefinger, and (if he is not an element leader) turns his head to the right. Ideally, everyone should be an arm's length apart. If a soldier is too close to the man on the left, his arm will extend behind that person's shoulder. If that is the case he should adjust his position using short, choppy steps - not using gestures to direct the others in the formation, and never turning his head and taking his eyes off the right.

At my first IT job the majority of the techs had been in the Army, and they used this term to describe a job where everything was done with precision, attention to detail, and strict adherence to standards.

Thanks to http://www.cadetstuff.org

NOTE: I tried hard to make the above gender-neutral but it came out a confusing mess. So let me just say that the above not only applies to men, but also to the many women who serve with pride and distinction in the armed forces.

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