Seriously. I don't know what mine would do just yet, although my roommates have suggested that it be dressed all in denim clothing (even though I gave up that fashion trend months ago!) As for what it would say when you pulled the string, we haven't figured that out, either. I guess I'm a hard guy to generalize about. However, we've come up with action figures for all of my other roommates. One of them would be much like Saturday Night Live's Big Red (the viking doll who's torso spins around and squirts corrosive red goo all over the place.) Instead of goo, you'd put in old food and pizza boxes, dirty laundry, and other refuse, and it would rotate around shooting filth all over the place. The doll would probably be better with the rent than the real guy.

Is there a place that'll make personalized action figures? I would totally pay money for that.

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