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Track 12 from the Local Hero Soundtrack. This track has always struck me as particularly cool. Its exactly 90 seconds long (if you trim out the dead air) and has musical cues out the wazoo.

Timeline: (in seconds)
00-12 fade in bass synth tone, ominous.
12-34 high synth melody with subtle harmony, spacey.
34-37 bring in much stronger harmony, regal.
37-59 repeat melody, change bass to add to harmony, quasi-percussion, overpowering/regal.
59-60 all sound stops, slight reverb for a half second, shocking.
60-64 bring bass back, mid-range synth melody, resolving.
64-67 hold last note of previous melody, tense.
67-82 high & low paired three-note progressions, repeated twice, retrospective.
82-89 fade up to a rather loud volume (compared to previous parts of the song), overpowering.
89-90 fade out.

Allthough that description doesn't do it justice, this is would make an excelent movie/game trailer song. I can't find a MIDI anywhere but CDNOW has a decent WMA (ick!) clip of it from 40-70 abouts.

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