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An oil tanker company, which is part of the easyGroup empire, run by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who is the youngest member of the board.

Founded in 1992 by Stelios, and listed on the New York stock exchange in March 2001, Stelmar Shipping is, in the words of the website:

Stelmar Shipping Ltd. is committed to safely operating a fleet of modern tankers focused on the product tanker sector which through a predominantly timecharter-oriented deployment strategy will provide its shareholders with enhanced value by generating a consistent and predictable earnings stream.
They run ships named Capemar, Fulmar, Primar, Colmar, Promar, Ermar, Allenmar, Camar, Jamar, Luxmar, Rimar, Almar, Limar, Nedimar, Cleliamar, Keymar, Kliomar, Jacamar, Jademar, Rubymar, Pearlmar, Rosemar, City University, Polys and P.Alliance.

All information pulled from stelmar.com

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