7 P.M., Friday - Playing time 1:00:00

You merge on to the freeway passing cars, and hold your hand out the window play with wind resistance. The cool evening breeze feels great as you blow past other cars. This evening is going to turn out alright.

(7:00:00) - Joe Jackson - Steppin' out

Pulling up to the bar, the place is packed. You get out, after checking your hair in the mirror one last time, and hope that tonight will be your lucky one.

(7:04:18) - Herbie Hancock - Rockit

After getting your ID back from the bouncer, because he inexplicably cards you (you were in high school in the Guns N' Roses years), you stroll into the bar to meet up with the table of 10 people who are they waiting. Grab the pitcher and pour yourself one, You look around the crowd to see who looks particularly interesting that night.

(7:09:45) - Phish - Gotta Jibboo

Not much later, you see her. At first you just see the long brown hair, and the edges of her geek-chic ringer tee, tucked carefully into her jeans. Hmm, this one you will have to talk to. You head up to the bar to order a couple more pitchers, and to get a closer look.

(7:15:14) - Gomez - Who's Gonna Go To The Bar

While the bartender is filling your pitcher (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale because your friends like the light stuff) you glance at her from three stools over. She is laughing with her friends, both female, and doesn't notice your stare. One of her friends does though, and nods at you. You rush off back to the table.

(7:20:19) - Reverend Horton Heat - Beer

Sitting down at the table, your buddy leans over and elbows you.

"Who's yer girlfriend?? Huh?"
"What, Huh?"
"Dude, you were drooling on yourself practically"
"No I was... um. shit. she's gorgeous"
"Yeah man, just go talk to her."
Maybe for once, you will.

(7:23:16) - Tom Jones and Chrissie Hynde - Lust For Life

Her friends are looking over at you, and unless you are mistaken, the one that smiled at you before nods her head into your favorite's direction, giving you an in. Wow, this might turn out to be easy. Downing the rest of your beer for confidence, you get up and head over.

(7:26:58) - Ween - Voodoo Lady

As you sit down next to her, her friends giggle and head off to the general direction of a pinball machine. She turns and says "If you weren't cute, you wouldn't get away with staring at women like that. My name's Sam." Then she laughs. Well, this could be going alot worse.

(7:30:47) - The Doors - Touch Me

Your friends are making lots of noise, and it seems that they are laughing at your expense. One comes over with the pretense of ordering another pitcher, but he's just checking you out. You introduce him to her and they make small talk before he walks off with a "see you laaaay-ter, pal."

(7:34:00) - The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man

A great Bob Marley tune hits the radio and she says she wants to dance. You get up, and follow here. Doing your best to avoid doing the White Man's overbite, you dance. She moves amazingly.

(7:37:20) - Bob Marley - Iron Lion Zion

Another song comes on and you are doing alright, she's touching you a little bit more as you dance. You notice on one time around that her friends are now with yours. And all of them are watching you two.

(7:40:43) - Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke

She decides to take a breather and a trip to the bathroom, grabbing her friends on the way. You sit down at the table and your buddies start to hi-five you. They explain that her friends told them that she has just gotten out of a bad relationship, but she is over him and looking for some fun.

(7:44:35) - Tower of Power - What Is Hip?

She comes back and whisper's in your ear "Lets get out of here." She leads you to her car and says she wants some food. Peeling out of the parking lot, she drives like crazy. Your kind of woman.

(7:48:01) - Greyboy Allstars - Toys R Us

She opens the sunroof and the sunset is amazing. Something is strangely good in the air tonight.

(7:52:16) - Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Mais Que Nada

Weaving in and out on the city streets, you ask her where you are headed. She explains she knows a great little North African place where the music is just right. Easing back in the seat, you know this will turn out alright. Who knows what might happen after dinner.

(7:54:56) - Charlie Parker - A Night In Tunisia

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