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In his infinite wisdom, God created one man with the unique ability of swallowing just about anything and then regurgitating it in special ways.

Yes, Stevie Starr has the magic ability to swallow things like lightbulbs, snooker balls, goldfish and lit cigarettes and then regurgitating them in pretty good order. What about swallowing a bowl of sugar, then downing a pint of water and bringing the sugar up, bone dry? Piece of cake. How about swallowing a locked padlock, then the key to the padlock and then bringing the padlock up, with the key in it and unlocked? Easy, if you're Stevie.

For television shows Stevie can swallow numbered coins and return whatever number the audience requests. He has also been known to swallow a bumble bee and then bring the poor bugger up and let him fly free.

If you are lucky, you might catch him at The Church

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