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J.R.R. Tolkien> The Lord of the Rings / The Silmarillion

The Steward's Reckoning was the calendar used by the Men of Gondor when the last king of Gondor, Eärnur, died. It was revised to make up for what is called the Deficit. The Deficit caused the Kings' Reckoning to have small error in the leap year system which somtimes would misplace the end centuries. The revision was made the by first Steward, Mardil around the year 2100 of the Third Age. It was adopted by everyone who had previously used the Kings' Reckoning. It constisted of:

  • Yestarë- The first day of the New Year, Winter Solstice. (Equivalent to our December 22nd)
  • Narvinyë- 30 Days
  • Nénimë- 30 Days
  • Súlimë- 30 Days
  • Tuilérë- Holiday
  • Víressë- 30 Days
  • Lótessë- 30 Days
  • Nárië- 30 Days
  • Loëndë- Midsummer's Day. (Equivalent to our June 22.)
  • Cermië- 30 Days
  • Úrimë- 30 Days
  • Yavannië- 30 Days
  • Yáviérë- Holiday
  • Narquelië- 30 Days
  • Hísimë- 30 Days
  • Ringarë- 30 Days
  • Mettarë- The last day of the Year. (Equivalent to our December 21.)

In the Fourth Age, the Stewards were replaced along with the Steward's Reckoning, which was superseded by the New Reckoning.

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