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The Kings' Reckoning was the calendar system used by the Númenorians and their Mannish descendents. It was drawn from the current calendar systems of the Edain and the Eldar. It divides the year (loa) into twelve months (astar), and three days which do not belong to any month. The Kings' Reckoning was used by Men until the death of the last king of Gondor, Eärnur, at which point it was superceded by the Stewards' Reckoning. It constisted of:

  • Yestarë- The first day of the New Year, Winter Solstice. (Equivalent to our December 22nd)
  • Narvinyë- 30 Days
  • Nénimë- 30 Days
  • Súlimë- 30 Days
  • Víressë- 30 Days
  • Lótessë- 30 Days
  • Nárië- 31 Days
  • Loëndë- Midsummer's Day. (Equivalent to our June 22.)
  • Cermië- 31 Days
  • Úrimë- 30 Days
  • Yavannië- 30 Days
  • Narquelië- 30 Days
  • Hísimë- 30 Days
  • Ringarë- 30 Days
  • Mettarë- The last day of the Year. (Equivalent to our December 21.)

365 days total, it had Leap Years every four loa except for the last year of a century. During a Leap Year, Loëndë (Midsummer's Day) was replaced with two enderi. Enderis ("Middle-Days") were used fairly universal in the calendars of the people of Middle-Earth for the purpose of correcting Leap Years. However, the amount of them varied from calendar to calendar.

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