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Still Got the Blues is both an album and a single by Gary Moore. Released in 1990, they marked Moore's breakthrough after decades of recording and performing solo as well as with the band Thin Lizzy. According to AMG expert David Jenszen: "Relieved from the pressures of having to record a hit single, he cut loose on some blues standards as well as some newer material. Moore played better than ever, spitting out an endless stream of fiery licks."

Moore proved himself as a songwriter as well on this album. He wrote five of the songs himself. The cover shows a black and white picture of a boy (presumably Gary Moore as a kid) experimenting with his electrical guitar in his room, a poster of his idol Jimi Hendrix on the wall. You'll find ex-Beatle George Harrison gently weeping his own Gibson on his upbeat 1970's frolic That Kind Of Woman. The title song itself features that continuing, high thin Stratocaster sound popularized by original blues-master Eric Clapton.

The Album

  1. Moving On - 2:38
  2. Oh, Pretty Woman - 4:24
  3. Walking by Myself - 2:55
  4. Still Got the Blues - 6:08
  5. Texas Strut - 4:50
  6. Too Tired - 2:49
  7. King of the Blues - 4:34
  8. As the Years Go Passing By - 7:42
  9. Midnight Blues - 4:57
  10. That Kind of Woman - 4:28
  11. All Your Love - 3:39
  12. Stop Messing Around - 3:52

The lyrics to the song have been removed by myself because they're copyrighted. The chorus goes like this:

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

You can find the guitar tab at http://www.mikesguitarsite.co.uk/gary_moore/still_got_blues.htm/

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