There seems to be a sort of subculture of little anecdotes about the injury of the male genitals. Usually the story involves an elaborate plot and some sort of climactic finale whereby some poor bastrd's gonads are subject to applied forces in a way no gonads should be.

Almost always done in an attempt at humor, they're everywhere - on television, the internet, you see it at the mall, in books, we even node it. They remain one of the last bastions of bad taste jokes against an increasingly politically correct society, with racist jokes long gone and sexist jokes on the way out. Recently they have come under fire. Sure, they're in bad taste, rude, offensive, depraved and politically incorrect, but when done properly they're absolutely fucking hilarious - maybe you need to go and read about a tale of profound agony that all you fellas might be able to relate to to understand what I'm on about.

Using my literary skills I've identified the the vitals (I love these puns) of the makings of a good story.
  • An innocent and seemingly harmless setting.
  • A plain description of the events leading to the injury.
  • A descriptive and philisophical followup of the aforementioned events.
  • A conclusion that brings the experiences of the unfortunate victim into a wider, global context.
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