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A television show in the mid-80's that followed the same genre as Knight Rider, but using a motorcycle. The hero, dressed all in black, would ride his super duper black motorcycle through the city thwarting crime.

The motorcycle (to compete with Knight Rider) had several abilities, one of which was its incredible ability to accelerate to speeds in excess of 300 MPH through city streets to catch the bad guys (tm). Unfortunately for the bad guys, whenever they tried to get away and Streek Hawk had to use his amazing speed to catch them, the city would be deserted and there would not be a single car on any of the city streets to cause Street Hawk any 300 MPH grief.

This show was popular during the time when any TV show with a gadget-filled vehicle was an instant hit (ie. Knight Rider, Airwolf, Blue Thunder). It starred Rex Smith as Jessie Mach. Co-stars also included Robert Beltran ("Voyager") and Joe Regalbuto ("Murphy Brown").

The show only lasted one season. Rex Smith hasn't done much since...the only thing I remember seeing him in was some "The Incredible Hulk" TV movie where he played Daredevil.

Brand name (StreetHawk®) used by Federal Signal Corporation Emergency Products (Oak Brook, Illinois) for a line of emergency-vehicle light bars popular among police departments in the US. Next time you get pulled over by cops for speeding, see if they flagged you down with StreetHawks.

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