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"Don't sweat the petty things. And don't pet the sweaty things." --George Carlin, Brain Droppings
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About me

My real name is Larry Gilbert. I live in a suburb of Seattle. I am a computer geek. I like yakisoba and pad thai. Mi ankaŭ parolas Esperanton.

Notes on my writeups

If you were wondering about the weird bibliographic style at the end of some of my writeups... I've been experimenting with using the Columbia Guide to Online Style. It's a good system for citing everything from Web pages to chat room conversations.

I do want to know about errors in my factual writeups. Please bring them to my attention via /msg.

Puzzling writeups

A few of my writeups tacitly pose puzzles. Below are references to the writeups, and solutions to them in rot13.

  • constrained writing: Guvf jevgr-hc vf vgfrys na rknzcyr bs pbafgenvarq jevgvat. Vg hfrf bayl jbeqf gung pbafvfg bs yrggref sbhaq va gur cuenfr "pbafgenvarq jevgvat."

My Top Ten Most Mediocre Writeups

As voted by you, the E2 population (tabulated Nov. 18, 2002):

  1. Sam Waterston
  2. Super Booper
  3. TAI
  4. Street Hawk
  5. constrained writing
  6. organic food
  7. inversion
  8. Kimian self-rep
  9. Qualcomm
  10. Polish poker?

The future mythical Everything node merge

Some day, if and when Everything finally allows editors to merge nodes, these should be considered:

Things I must understand in my quest for Everything Enlightenment

  • Data such as Windows and Macintosh error codes are welcome, but data such as area codes and ZIP codes are not.
  • A writeup reputation of 5 may mean 5 upvotes, or it may mean 15 upvotes and 10 downvotes, or it may mean 2395 upvotes and 2390 downvotes. Yet high reps are considered important.