Stuart Ullman is a minor character in Stephen King’s The Shining. He is short and plump. Ullman is the overbearing, prude who is the general manager of The Overlook Hotel. He has a large and insultingly toothy Public Relations man smile.

Ullman hired Jack Torrance as the newest winter caretaker of the hotel he runs. The hotel is not open during the winter months and only requires a single family to care for it while the weather is too bad for vacationing. It was against Stuart’s better judgement to hire Jack, but Albert Shockley has great influence over Stuart Ullman and wanted Jack to have the job.

In the opening scene of the book Stuart Ullman goes on and on in a hairsplitting and priggish rhetoric to Jack Torrance. Jack nods and internally calls him an “officious little prick” as he smiles. Later in the story, Ullman’s voice and insulting grin taunt Jack.

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