Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
OrderOrnithischian dinosaur
Suborder Marginocephalia
Family Ceratopsians

Styracosaurus or Spiked lizard was a medium-sized herbivorous dinosaur that probably lived in herds. The name comes about because of a large horn on its snout coupled with a large number of spikes protruding from its neck frill.

A smaller cousin of triceratops, it lived at around the same time in the late cretaceous period, the same time as tyrannosaurus rex, so those defensive spikes were probably darned useful.

Growing to around 2 metres (6 feet) tall and 10 metres (30 feet) from nose to tail, and weighing in at around 3 tonnes. Fossils have been found at many sites in the USA and Canada, with 100 found in Arizona at one site.

Other Ceratopsian dinosaurs included:

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