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"Sugar coated sours"

"Remember kids cruel is cool1!

I think the title rocks! I kinda hope someone will get the jist of my poem and write a better one. This is a poem that hallmark would prolly use if they made "You bastard/bitch how could you dump me after 2 years!" cards.
<insert their name here> you've been on my mind of late,
causin me many sleepless nights - I frustrate.

oh <insert their name here>! to be with you was utter bliss,
your name still lingers on my lips like a kiss.

Loving you was as simple as falling off a tree,
we cuddled, held hands and kissed for all to see.

And our passion...oh that hunger we both had,
we were so very naughty we were so very bad.

I now regret how we eventually came to blows,
like poisonous seeds a bitter farmer doth sows

but before I make my dramatic exit please let me end,

1 Yeah sure it is! If you replace the R, U and E with double O!

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