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I wanna be your toothbrush holder

Dedicated to the sun kissed Amazonian goddess who I keep harking on about. Sheesh, I thought I'd grown up already and stopped writing silly stuph like this. Least it's not mushy as in the love odes I used to write. Mushy, but to the consistency of mushy peas.
I wanna be your toothbrush holder,
cause if I was just a tad bit bolder,
or perhaps a lil wiser and older.

I would bee (yours),
bzzzzz bzzzz bzzz.

Yes like a busy bumble bee,
buzzing around thee,
my queen, come hava looksee!

I wanna be the mirror in your room,
no, not so I can see your va-va-voom,
but only to gaze upon you ev'ry morn and noon.

but why? zee or zed?
tis infactuation or so I'm led,
to believe, to resign and concede (to myself).

So I wrote this bubble gum, 
to um, 
you know um....

....dedicate to thee,
yeap that's my modus operandi, 
wanting something that can't be.

It's just that I wish I could be your toothbrush holder,
oh to be a lil bit bolder...


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