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Formerly known as Claude Rex Nowell, Summum Bonum Amon Ra was given this name by Summa Individuals he encountered in 1974. These "Individuals" work the pathways of spiritual evolution, and were referred to as the "Neters" in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Summum Ra received instructions concerning the underlying principles which establish and maintain the universe. Now going by the name, Amen, he founded a non-profit organization known as "Summum", a Latin term meaning "the sum total of all creation."

One of many aspects and practices of the Summum is the meditation of Sexual Ecstacy. Summum sees the foundation of all creation as a copulation between two subjects referred to as the "Grand Opposites," and maintains that everything, (no pun intended), is an effect of this grand copulation. Hence, Summum treats sexuality as a divine and integral part of spiritual evolution and sees "ecstacy" as the state of union with God.This meditation awakens your spirit and awakening you to your spirit is what Summun considers to be genuine religion.

source: summum.org

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