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Suncom was a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of computer accessories. They made a wide range of low tech computer-related productivity accessories like copy holders, swiveling monitor bases, disk drive head cleaners, and floppy disk "double siders". Suncom began to expand into the PC game controller market. They went from mice and simple joysticks to a wide range of high-end flight simulation products like flight yokes (the G-Force line), throttles (the SFS line), and jet combat game sticks (a line of F15 flight sticks). They also released a line of Playstation-like game pads for PC players who can't get enough of this crappy gaming interface.

Suncom generally tried to turn out products similar to Thrustmaster but at a more competitive price. While their flight sim controllers generally got high marks in the bang-for-the-buck category, their game pad controllers seemed to be of poor quality and actually somewhat dangerous. As one reviewer noted about their game pads: "The designers had the smarts to make every angle as sharp as possible. Firstly you have the handles, which more or less turn the SFX into a makeshift boomerang."

At some point Thrustmaster seems to have sued Suncom successfully for patent violation. The lawsuit in combination with a bad investment by Suncom's parent company seems to have driven Suncom out of business around 2002. The tragedy is they went out of business shortly before the release of Windows XP and they did not produce updated drivers, hence many of their products will not work with Windows XP.

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