An album by the Bill Evans Trio recorded June 25, 1961 live at The Village Vanguard in New York City.

This album is considered a jazz piano masterpiece. The trio is at its peak: Evans on piano and Scott LaFaro on bass both have numerous wonderful solos and the two interact and improvise masterfully while drummer Paul Motian provides support.

Besides the virtuosity of the trio this album is also signifigant to many because it would be their last; 10 days after the recording Scott LaFaro would be dead, the result of a car accident.

Track Listing:
1. Gloria's Step (take 2), 6:10
2. Gloria's Step* (take 3), 6:48
3. My Man's Gone Now, 6:25
4. Solar, 8:57
5. Alice In Wonderland (take 2) 8:32
6. Alice In Wonderland* (take 3) 6:57
7. All Of You (take 2) 8:20
8. All Of You* (take 3) 8:00
9. Jade Visions (take 2) 3:57
10. Jade Visions* (take 1) 4:06
*: Bonus Track.

One of my favorite albums, definetely a good introduction to Evans and piano jazz in general.

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