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I'm some stupid kid who lives in Seattle.

I enjoy Jazz music, none of that Kenny G crap either. Real Jazz, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and all that.

I read off and on, I also waste time on IRC off and on. I can be found as Xirho on slashnet if you need to hunt me down.

I like the sport of Baseball. I do not, however, belong to the Church of Baseball, yet. Sadly, the Seattle Mariners are somewhat cursed as far as the World Series goes.

Like any good geek, I watch Star Trek. I have, infact, pondered who would win in a fight: Kirk, Sisko or Picard. My money is on Sisko's boxing capabilities.

Unlike most geeks I'm not a liberal or a libertarian or an anarchist or socialist or whatever. I'm a conservative republican and capitalist pig. Feel free to argue with me any time.

I enjoy a good debate on most anything. Politics, philosophy, whatever. During the summer I can sometimes be found at Westlake Center or in a Starbucks arguing with somebody.

I run FreeBSD mostly, I know a little C, but I haven't done much with it, yet.

And that's all I can think of on this boring Sunday afternoon to tell you about my own self-subsystem.