• It's fine in a superlative context, as in Stuart Scott's SportsCenter "All that and a bag o'chips" catchphrase, in respect to a great athletic performer or performance. It's not OK to think of one's self as "all that" (with or without the chips) - that's the staple of Ricki Lake crapfests ("You think you're all that, but homegirl, you're too damn fat!", or some such inanity) and the "modern" world of Too Many Divas.

  • A sketch comedy TV show on Nickelodeon.
  • Nickelodeon's answer to Saturday Night Live. Every episode features sketch comedy and musical guests. The show started in 1995. Since then, almost all of the original cast has left. Most notable are Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson who got their own spin-off show called Keenan and Kel. Amanda Bynes also left to start her spin-off, The Amanda Show. Of the people to join the cast late, the most recognizable face is Danny Tamberelli AKA the younger Pete from Pete and Pete.

    One of the most popular sketches Regular was Good Burger, which got it's own spin off movie. It featured Keenan and Kel as braindead fast food clerks serving up burgers and using the word good at least five times a sentence.

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