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The Amanda show was a sketch comedy on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s. It lasted three seasons and acted as a continuation of the trend started by All That. As the title implies it starred Amanda Bynes and featured Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and a whole host of other actors. About half of the skits are references to existing things like Judge Trudy, Who wants to win Five Dollars, and Block Blister with the other half being bits built around zany characters. Running through most episodes are subplots about Penelope Taynt, Amanda's self appointed number one fan, and her attempts to meet Amanda. Penelope continuously tried to break into the studio in a vain attempt to meet Amanda, often bribing or threatening other members of the cast and crew in her efforts.

Humor wise the show was fair to good for childrens' programing with a wide array of styles and characters to choose from. It suffered from over using the grown-ups are uncool trope that was popular at the time and some overly formulaic skits which were downright mechanical in their execution but the nature of the genre meant that it never dragged on too long. A notable exception to one off comedy was Moody's Point which satirized soap operas overly dramatic style but with characters and plot points that were absurd. Like most shows, the Amanda show is mostly forgotten with little to recommend it beyond nostalgia. It's notable as the inspiration for the more successful Drake and Josh.


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