This is one of the two places where the Seattle monorail stops. The Seattle Center is one of the few touristy places in downtown that is also frequented by locals.

The Center is in a rather well-developed section of downtown, the basement floor is for the Metro subway/bus system. The next three floors are shopping mall, the top floor is a big food court with a view of the monorail passing by. The block on which The Center stands is a bizzare one.

First, the block is made of orangish brick, which pisses off drivers to no end. Directly on the street level of the center are a few interesting locales. First, the sidewalk around the center is large enough that various bands, apocalyptic preachers and raving bums preform there daily, and if you ever need an authentic gold watch from a legitimate businessman this is the place.

Also on the streetlevel of The Center is a coffee shop, surrounded by small tables. The real attraction of this particular coffee shop is Psycho Bench. So named because of the endless stream of absolute psychopaths who will eventually grace the bench with their presence. Evidently, Psycho Bench is where all aliens send their specimens post-abduction, as well as where all governmental conspiracy targets hide out.

The Center is a stone's throw away from some pretty neat palces downtown both touristy and non. But, if you get real bored, you can always hitch the monorail over to the Space Needle.

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