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The Super 32-in-1 is one of the niftiest things you can get when visiting a Far-East Asian country, especially if you're into playing with a Nintendo Gameboy.

In the tourist-trap areas, you can find customized Gameboy cartridges. I bought several for my oldest daughter. One is called the Super 32-in-1 Gameboy. It has 32 complete Gameboy games stuffed onto one cartridge. The selection includes Crazy Castles, Super Mario Land, Tennis, Tank, Peanuts and Kirby.

If you are interested in buying one on the street, make sure you have them plug it in and test it. A pal of mine in Thailand bought an empty cartridge casing.

The best one I saw was a Super 259-in-1, but that person didn't have a player to test it.

These also make a great gift for christmas or any other religious holiday. The Super 32-in-1 cost me $12US.

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