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A Disney comic book that featured (horror of horrors) Goofy with superpowers. He first appeared in 1965, and his comic book was finally cancelled in 1984.

According to the stories (usually written by Del Connell), Goofy had these fancy peanuts in his backyard called "Super Goobers". When he ate one, he got superpowers, including superstrength and the ability to fly. Of course, when the Super Goobers wore off, he'd be powerless, so he tended to keep a few extra goobers underneath his hat. Super Goof wore a pair of red longjohns (with "SG" inscribed on the chest), a blue cape, and the familiar Goofy hat.

Longjohns quite similar to those worn by Super Goof (sans the SG logo) are standard issue in the Italian army.

Needless to say, the soldiers have unofficially christened this item of clothing "la Superpippo", from the Italian name of this peculiar superhero (now you know the origin of the phrase "as funny as the Italian Army").

Bikers are particularly fond of the Superpippo, and wear it under their usual (i.e. "less funny") attire to protect themselves from the chilly winds.

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