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Comic book series by Rikki and Tavisha Simons, published by Sirius. In the near future, much of everyday life takes place on the Internet via TVR, or "true virtual reality". When teenage computer geek Collin Meeks gets his own TVR helmet, a whole world of possibilities opens to him - and a whole world of problems too, when his cat Catreece crawls under the helmet, gets her own cat-girl persona on the Net, and begins wreaking havoc.

A smart, funny, all-ages anime-influenced comic full of geek humor. What could be better? No new issues are being produced at this time due to contractual problems, but back issues are still available and the first few issues have been collected in trade paperback form.

"Reality check" is the verbal escape code Collin uses to end his V.I.S. (Virtual Internet System) session and return to the real world.

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