Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (don't you love SF2 naming style?) is a yet another version of Street Fighter II, for yet another platform... Game Boy Advance. Brought to you by Capcom and Ubi Soft.

I have to admit that I never played SF2 much when it was The Hot Game of the Time on SNES, but I saw my slice of it, played it a few times when I could, and dreamed of owning a SNES. (Later my sister got one, and she didn't want SF2, she just bought Donkey Kong Country games...=/ )

And how does the latest incarnation work? Just fine, thank you for asking, even when the controls are a bit difficult.

After seeing zillions of these newfangled 3D beat 'em ups, it was just amazingly refreshing to see a honest, good 2D beat 'em up that works just fine on GBA screen. It looks like the SNES game I saw back in the day (or even better), it plays like the game (even with only four (A,B,L,R) buttons), it sounds like the game (or even better), the legendary old combos still work like they used to - my God, here is SF2, alive and well! Revival, indeed...

It is also the only game I've finished on the same train and bus trip I got it on - but that was just the first challenge, there's a lot more to play after you finish it. People who have said the game is too easy obviously haven't tried the "grandmaster challenges" or the other survival/time attack modes - or pushed the skill level wayyyy up from the default (2, maximum 9) =)

As said, the combos are the same as in other parts of the series. The four-button limitation has been overcome by recognizing long and short button presses - this doesn't always work as intended, but works nicely enough. People who play this game primarily on Platforms With Zillion Buttons will be disappointed by the accuracy, but personally, I'm not that stylished and think it's a limitation of the platform to be lived with. This is further alleviated by the "easy" combo mode that does just what it says - for example, most characters do the super combo with a single A+B press! This is nice in case you think these limited GBA controls suck and you really think it should be played with SNES controller...

The game includes 16 characters (original SF2 characters and SSF2Turbo characters). Some graphics have been picked from Alpha series and others have been entirely redone.

The game includes a 2-player mode - regrettably this requires two game paks.

After hours and hours and hours and hours of Virtua Fighter on PC, I have to say the 2D beat 'em ups aren't any worse than 3D beat 'em ups - this game is a living proof =)

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