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A character in Street Fighter 2 series, appeared in SSF2 and SSF2Turbo. Made a long-awaited comeback in Street Fighter Alpha 3 (not selectable in the arcade version menu, though?).

Fei Long is a big fan of Bruce Lee - and this shows: He's more like your average Hong Kong kung fu movie star than those actors themselves!

And that is precisely his occupation in the game, too. Acting in action movies. And not badly either, everyone loved his amazingly realistic and unbelieveably skillful martial arts skills. But one fateful day, he saw some real fighting, and challenged Ryu, got easily beaten down, and noted that he's not good enough in real fighting - and so began his journey in SF2.

In my opinion, Fei Long is not really a strong character and as such a bit challenging to play, too - but the lack of strength is easily compensated by the very high speed and some rather devastating attacks. Also, the victory animations in SSF2T are pretty funny.

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