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2001 republishing of a number of Brian Aldiss' short stories, including "Supertoys Last All Summer", which inspired the movie A.I.

The book was apparently intended to be advanced marketing for the movie, since the forward is all about Aldiss' strange and somewhat difficult relationship with Stanley Kubrick. However, it was requisitioned from Aldiss before the actual making of the movie, so Aldiss mentions nothing of Steven Speilberg. It is uncertain from the comments he makes about Kubrick (and Kubrick's desire to work in the Pinocchio story, and have David become real) whether he would have liked Speilberg's treatment of the movie, since it seems to meet Kubrick in the middle.

The collection is published by St. Martin's Griffin Press. It contains the following stories:

Many of the stories contained in the collection have a definite satirical edge, reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, but crueler. Very clever twists on society and myth are offered up with blinding speed and razor wit. I picked the book up at 12 and had to force myself to put it down at 1:30, without having truly noticed the passage of time.

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