Of course, none of these shabby little tricks were ever required by master thespian Charlton Heston.

His moving portrayal of "Bright Eyes" in The Planet of the Apes required no such mummery, just a looking deep within himself.

And when he spake surely the first and foremost of The best film quotes of all time and revealed a cracker to be the mirror of the darkness of our ways, can there have been a dry eye? Of course he repeated it. He was running and jumping and stuff and the people he was bumping into might not have heard him and so he took the time to get them up to speed. This was was courtesy, pure and simple.

As to Mr. Heston's nostrils being flared, this was not an acting technique but the actual arousal of the man within outraged against the social injustices he was over-turning.

Sure, he threw his head back and shook his locks when parting the Red Sea in the Ten Commandments. But who wouldn't have?

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