Surviving the Americans : The Continued Struggle of the Jews After Liberation
Robert L. Hilliard
(c)1996 Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1888363320

In May 1945 Robert Hillard, now a professor of communication at Emerson College, was a 19-year-old soldier stationed in Germany. During his work for the army newspaper he edited he discovered that the concentration camp survivors that his army had liberated were still dying. They were sick, starving, without proper clothing or shelter, and the US Army, their suppossed liberators, weren't doing anything. In fact, Hillard even charges that some Jews were raped, shot and purposely starved by US occupation forces under the command of General Eisenhower.

Robert Hillard and a fellow soldier, Edward Herman, started writing letters about the intolerable conditions of the liberated Jews and the anti-Semitism of the US Army, which eventually came to the attention of President Truman. He ordered an inquiry, which eventually resulted in relief efforts reaching the camp survivors, but not until many had already died.

This is a very touching, well-documented, well-written book.

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