The winter light of 5 PM quickly fades to black and multicolored dirty shapes of cars become perfect crystals of lights. The interstate and its interchanges are rivers of light now, intersecting and diverging from eachother. The combination of the inventions of man and those of nature never ceases to amaze me. The setting sun illuminates pollution from factories that I am told is poisoning our world and turns the poison into fire and the sky is ablaze with beauty. When flying over cities at night, the urban sprawl illuminated like tiny stars below me by the same lights that block the view of the ten thousand frozen, burning stars. For everything that we give up in the pursuit of modernity, it seems, some small beauty is revealed.

The warmth of another.

The love between families, mothers who would give their lives to save that of their children (will I ever be this devoted to anyone?)

The drive to know...why we are, what we are, what lies ahead.

These are things that men and their inventions cannot improve upon.

What if we are alone in the universe? No one but the human race will never see the wonder in this world of ours, in these souls of ours. And when the end comes, destruction either caused by man or by nature (nothing lasts forever), this beauty will be gone, no memory shall remain. Radio signals still bouncing around an empty universe billions of years after the demise of a people who shouted and spilled their souls to the universe looking for an answer or at the very least someone to listen.

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