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So I'm a whore! Yiddish Slang was so well received that I'm going to try another slang node. Like the Nepali one, it's not likely that you'll find occasion to use many of these expressions. Still, the expressions given here give some insight into the value system of the people who speak the language.

Kikulacho kinguoni mwako
What "eats" you is within your dress which means the problem lies within and not outside yourself
Paka chume mtaani kwenu, halahala vitoweo vyenu
A stray cat is wandering around your neighborhood, watch out for your food; in this case the "stray cat" is someone who may steal your partner.
Shanuo baya pale linapokuchoma
It's a bad comb that hurts you. Even a good thing or person must be considered bad if it hurts you.
Msilolijua litawasumbua
Your ignorance will trouble you. Often said to busy bodies who want to learn private details of your life.
Machoni rafiki, moyoni mnafiki
Friendly in the eyes, a hypocrite in the heart. The meaning is clear.
Ala! Kumbe!
I see!! That is so! A common expression indicating surprise upon hearing some recent news.
Halahala mti na macho
Beware, a stick and your eyes! A warning of impending danger.
Mtumai cha ndugu hufa masikini
He/she who relies on his/her relative's property, dies poor To encourage self-reliance.
Mdhaniaye ndiye kumbe siye
The one you think is right, is wrong. This is to say that you are barking up a wrong tree.
Vishindo vingi sio kutenda jambo
Fumbling around doesn't accomplish anything You're running around and not doing anything.
Kila jambo na wakati wake
There is an opportune time for everything
Mama ni mama japokuwa rikwama
A mother is a mother even if she is a "coolie's cart" Even a bad mother is still a mother worthy of respect, love and care.
Mti hawendi ila kwa nyenzo
A log moves only with proper tools This just the opposite of "It's a poor workman that complains about his tools."
Usisafirie nyota ya mwenzio
Don't set sail using somebody else's star. This is something like the [Buddhism|Buddhist} saying, "It is better to do your own dharma poorly than doing someone else's well."
Asiyekujua hakuthamini
He/she who doesn't know you, doesn't value you
Tamu ya mua kifundo
A sugarcane is sweetest at the joint. What seems to be hard to achieve in real life is often times the best.
Mso hili ana lile
A person missing this has that There is no useless person. Likewise, there is no person that is absolutely perfect.
Mpaji ni Mungu
God is the Sustainer. Mostly used by the poor to console themselves.
Hata ukinichukia la kweli nitakwambia
Hate me, but I won't stop telling you the truth.

Adapted from: http://www.glcom.com/hassan/kanga.html

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