I think I was at a Chili's or some chain restaurant with a friend/co-worker/cool-guy back when I was working for this company where we went out to dinner every single night (we were consultants--that's what you do). We were sitting there and I really wanted a beer. So the waitress brings us some beers in these big glasses and I said, "I'll be damned if this glass isn't as big as a fishtank!" And then she tells us that they put Swedish fish in some of their margaritas and points to the Chili's margarita menu thingy. And I was like "THAT ROCKS! I WANT A FISH TOO!" So she brought us over a plate of Swedish fish which I promptly dropped into my glass. The fish, that is. The plate wouldn't fit in my glass. She was like 19 or something. My co-worker got her phone number.

Despite not getting a phone number, I discovered the following things during that experience:

  1. Swedish fish get very very hard and tough to chew when placed in a cold beer for a prolonged period of time.

  2. Swedish fish taste much better basted in beer.

  3. Beer tastes better with little Swedish fish.

  4. No one gets mad at you for putting Swedish fish in your beer because Swedish fish aren't alive. They're just candy fish.

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