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Located at 300 W. Juneau Avenue, Sydney HiH is a Milwaukee landmark. A composite of four buildings, parts of the building were erected in 1897 by the 49th president of the American Medical Association, Dr. Nicholas Sean and used as his office and laboratory.

The building is easily identified by its panels covered in a mix of pastel colors, emulating a style popular in San Francisco at the time, the top of the building sporting the words Sydney HiH in large block letters.

In 1971, the Cream City brick building was purchased by Sydney Eisenberg and painted its (locally) famous multi-colored patchwork. Despite being almost completely vacant, and completely run down, the building went on the market for an asking price of $949,000. The city has assessed the property at about a third of that value.

However, its proximity to the Bradley Center has brought to bear the forces of commercial development, who see the site as prime real estate for yet another hotel, so the future of this unique structure is uncertain.

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